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Join BAASS and Albert Amar, from Swiftcount, to learn about Inventory Management.

Swiftcount was created specifically to manage inventory from receipt to shipping in multiple warehouses, multiple locations and multiple users all working at the same time. It provides real time transfer of information visible on all devices (permission based) in real time as well as on a web back-end portal without any need for synchronization. All happens automatically.

The key to our Swiftcount platform is that it was created by leveraging the experience we obtained from years of providing traditional type warehouse management system and combined it in a new platform built from the ground up for scale and simplicity.

Using the know-how and input from years of feedback from customers we created a platform, built on new technologies leveraging modern devices focused on delivering enterprise grade solution with a strong focus on simplicity and ease of use.

For enterprise customers we offer a dedicated elastic server that can rapidly grow to accommodate very large numbers of transactions.

Our dedicated team is very quick to add enhancements and improvements based on user feedback and suggestions.

We are sure that Swiftcount is the right fit for the and would be willing to offer a risk-free trial period if you wanted to do a test first.

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Albert Amar


SwiftCount helps retail store owners and distribution companies implementing new and more efficient inventory management processes and tools.

SwiftCount is the go-to inventory management tool of hundreds of retail and distribution businesses around the world.


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