Compensation Planning with True Sky

Join BAASS and Alan Whitehouse, from True Sky, to learn how you can take control of your budgeting process. 

Compensation planning using Excel spreadsheets is flexible, but lacks the security you need for such a critical process. Further, no direct integration to your HR or payroll solutions means you’re doing a lot of manual work and data entry, which often causes errors.

With True Sky, you can leverage the power and familiarity of Excel while gaining security, an automated integration to source data and powerful data tools.

  • Easily integrate data from your payroll and/or HR system
  • Accurately calculate hours, salaries, benefits and commissions by employee, position and/or FTE
  • Account for any caps or limits
  • Allocate employees according to your business processes (e.g. across companies, branches or business units) budget for existing or potential new hires
  • Seamlessly include compensation data as a portion of your financial budget

 Presented by:

Alan Whitehouse - True Sky

Alan Whitehouse
Chief Software Architect


True Sky is a budgeting, planning and forecasting tool for Sage 300, Sage X3, and Intaact. True Sky gives you control of the budgeting, planning and forecasting process. By providing powerful data tools and an easy-to-use Excel interface, the time you traditionally spend on template creation, data input, data merging, and review is drastically reduced so you have more time to focus on analysis and strategy.


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