Overcoming Business Challenges Faced When Budgeting and Forecasting

Join BAASS and Alan Whitehouse from True Sky to learn about budgeting and forecasting.

As the organization grows, as more people are involved, and as the complexity increases, the challenges faced grow exponentially. This session will discuss some of the common pitfalls experienced when budgeting and forecasting and provide insights into how to avoid them.


 Presented by:

Alan Whitehouse - True Sky

Alan Whitehouse
Chief Software Architect


True Sky is a budgeting, planning and forecasting tool for Sage 300, Sage EM, and Intaact. True Sky gives you control of the budgeting, planning and forecasting process. By providing powerful data tools and an easy-to-use Excel interface, the time you traditionally spend on template creation, data input, data merging, and review is drastically reduced so you have more time to focus on analysis and strategy.


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