Hyperautomation of Accounts Payable by SnapAP:
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SnapAP provides a hyperautomation platform, which automates every aspect of Procure to Payment (P2P). The fully integrated solution covers and tracks the flow of payables information from the beginning with Purchase Order Approvals through to completed distribution of all Supplier Payments.

SnapAP makes your Accounts Payable available 24/7, so employees and suppliers always have access to all of the Purchase Orders, Invoices (and Invoice status), and Payment information from anywhere, at any time.

SnapAP tracks every step of the accounts payable process and supplies your company with a secure database offering a complete audit trail for every supplier transaction. The whole story is always there, providing 100% transparency and easy compliance.

Auditors love us, as do CFOs, CEOs, and procurement managers everywhere.

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Tiffany Campbell
Channel Development Manager


SnapAP is a leading industry provider of Procure To Pay software solutions for the Sage 300 and Microsoft Dynamics markets. With 50,000 active users globally, in the past few years over $2 Billion of invoice payment transactions have successfully been processed via the SnapAP platform.


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