Should You Replace or Integrate Your Spreadsheets?

Join Jennifer Holman as she dives into the discussion of Microsoft Excel and how opting to replace or integrate spreadsheets will assist your organization in making better and more informed business decisions.

In this educational webinar, we will demonstrate
  • How you can use your existing ERP just like excel, which can help those who are not ready to adopt your ERP
  • How to replace Microsoft Excel spreadsheets by using more functionality of your existing ERP, or how to add custom fields
  • How to integrate your ERP and spreadsheet to eliminate costly duplicate data entry
  • How to best utilize business intelligence to automate your spreadsheets

 Presented by:


Jennifer Holman
Lead Presenter &
Project Manager

Jennifer brings areas of expertise within the ERP space. Certified in Microsoft and Sage Business Solutions she is involved in Implementations big and small. With a previous role as an ERP consultant, she has experience working with clients to overcome pain points and problems by implementing solutions supported by BAASS. Jennifer now spends her time as a pre-sales presenter understanding the areas in a solution that catch the attention of the audience and delivers excitement in the solution. She is also a Project Manager for Microsoft Implementations where she offers organized planning and management support both internally and externally for our clients.


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